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How long has CompUsys Insurance Services, Inc. been in business?
For over 23 years, CompUsys Insurance Services, Inc. has been helping companies select and implement fully insured and self funded Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Long and Short term care insurance plans locally and in most insurance markets across the contiguous 48 states. Our staff members have years of experience in a wide variety of benefits solutions. We would like to share our knowledge with you and help you save time, money, and effort in the administration of your insurance plans.
I do business/live in a different state than your company. Can you help me?
Our experienced staff members are well versed in implementing and administrating health plan benefits locally or in any state you may potentially be doing business / reside in. We have specific and detailed expertise in managing the benefits of large companies with multi-state employee populations. Partnering with our agency will allow you to take advantage of a company with a unique awareness of health insurance plans on a national level and how those entities are changing and progressing. Whether your company has one facility or hundreds, whether your employee population is 10 or 10,000 we can effectively provide you with the technical expertise, commitment to excellence, national plan knowledge, and solution oriented planning that will reduce your overhead associated with HR/Insurance related issues. In addition, in most cases we can provide you with cost cutting alternatives that will save money for your organization.
If my company does not have health insurance currently. Can you help me?
Needs Assessment If you or your employer group does not have insurance currently, we will meet with you or schedule a teleconference so that we can carefully analyze your specific requirements. This analysis will take into consideration your financial requirements, insurance benefits needs, and other account implementation/maintenance/support issues. Through our needs assessment we will careful layout the groundwork for all insurance programs and implementation protocols that we will be proposing to your company. Once you agree to a specific plan/direction our experienced staff members will be ready to manage the all aspects of the enrollment process.
What industries do you specialize in?
Our book of business spans a wide range of industries. Whether it is light manufacturing to high technology professionals, we provide an end-to-end seamless support solution for our customers. Each client’s needs are different, and we take this into consideration as we review the various product options that we feel will best suit their insurance needs.
How is CompUsys Insurance Services, Inc. different from other insurance brokers?
Our knowledgeable and efficient staff prides themselves on superior customer services and unrivaled attention to detail. When you have a question or concern related to your health benefits, please call us so that we may work on providing you with an effective solution. We are here to support you with issues associated with billing, claims adjudication, benefits selection, coverage requirements, HIPAA, and COBRA.
What is the best way to contact CompUsys Insurance Services, Inc. brokers?
Our staff is available during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday, or by email 24/7. All after hour’s emails will be responded to within 24 to 48 hours. For your convenience you can go to the Contact Us page and you can use our email form to send us your questions/suggestions directly. We may also be reached during regular business hours by calling 1-800-553-3530
What is the cost of your services?
There is no direct administrative fee or cost for our services. “Our fees are paid by the insurance carriers in the form of commissions.” You will never have to write us a check and will not have to be concerned with billing and/or payment to our firm.
If I am interested in getting an insurance quote, how long does it take before I get alternative rates and/or benefits?

For companies turnaround time varies by quote type and the size of the group. You would need to compile the following information about your company before we could proceed: 1) Benefit Plan Designs and Rates for all applicable insurance products 2) A complete employee census including: a) Employee Name / or number b) Birth date c) Gender d) Employee resident zip code e) # of Dependents f) Dependent Class (Single, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Children, Family) g) Each employees Plan selection 3) Copies of recent insurance billings Once we receive this information it will take midsize groups (51-500employees two to three weeks to receive a quote depending upon the product and for larger groups (500, 1000+) it could take three weeks or more to compile a complete listing of choices, especially if your company offers benefits to multi-state employee populations.

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (August 21), Public Law 104-191, which amends the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986. Also known as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Act. Title II includes a section, Administrative Simplification, requiring: 1. Improved efficiency in healthcare delivery by standardizing electronic data interchange, and 2. Protection of confidentiality and security of health data through setting and enforcing standards. More specifically, HIPAA calls for: 1. Standardization of electronic patient health, administrative and financial data 2. Unique health identifiers for individuals, employers, health plans and health care providers. 3. Security standards protecting the confidentiality and integrity of “individually identifiable health information,” past, present or future. The bottom line: sweeping changes in most healthcare transaction and administrative information systems. WHO IS AFFECTED? All healthcare organizations. This includes all health care providers, even 1-physician offices, health plans, employers, public health authorities, life insurers, clearinghouses, billing agencies, information systems vendors, service organizations, and universities.